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Mussel Recipe With Garlic And Pasta

This is a delicious mussel recipe that is very quick to cook and prepare. These tasty shellfish have plump, juicy flesh and a sweet taste of the sea. They make a great combination with the garlic and pasta for a great family meal or sharing with friends. 

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Pan Fried Hake with Mussel Broth

Pan fried Hake is a simple cooking method that delivers crisp, golden skin and flaky white flesh. This delicious recipe pairs it up with some seasonal shellfish. Preparation time will be about 25 minutes, allow 15 minutes for cooking time. Quantities below are for 4. NB The time taken to pan-fry depends on the thickness of the [...]

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Scallops With Chorizo

This has to be one of the tastiest ways to cook these lovely shellfish. Scallops with Chorizo is a winning combination, the spicy flavours of the Spanish sausage really compliments the  sweet meat of the scallops. About Scallops Scallops are easy to  identify by their familiar fan-shaped shells with chunky ribs. They live on sandy parts [...]

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Fish Pie Recipe

This is a really easy to make fish pie recipe, perfect food for the Autumn weather. Fish Pie With Our Own Smoked Haddock A fish pie, always needs a bit of smoked fish to really make it taste great and what could be better than Purkis Smoked Haddock that has been cured on the premises. This is [...]

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Best Shellfish Walter Purkis has always made a specialty of sourcing the best shellfish available and to that end both shops have day supplies coming in from Billingsgate Market, Cornwall, Devon, Grimsby, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and many other fishing ports around Great Britain. Look out for our  freshly boiled lobsters and crabs [...]

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