Grilled Mackerel With Curried Mussels

This recipe takes some mackerel fillets and pairs them up with fresh mussels in a curry sauce. Mackerel is a very tasty fish, notable for its distinctive striped iridescent colours and v shaped tail. It is an oily fish which makes it a good source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Preperation time will be about 25-30 minutes. Allow 25 [...]

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Mussels In Cider Recipe

Mussels are much easier dish to serve than many realise. Try this mussels in cider recipe, its easy to prepare and makes for a very tasty lunch or supper. How To Clean Mussels Lots of people are not sure how to prepare different types of shellfish. Here is our guide for cleaning mussels. It is [...]

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Pan Fried Hake with Mussel Broth

Pan fried Hake is a simple cooking method that delivers crisp, golden skin and flaky white flesh. This delicious recipe pairs it up with some seasonal shellfish. Preparation time will be about 25 minutes, allow 15 minutes for cooking time. Quantities below are for 4. NB The time taken to pan-fry depends on the thickness of the [...]

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Monkfish with Mussels

This very tasty recipe is easy to make and prepare. Monkfish has lovely white flesh and a good meaty, firm texture. This makes a good contrast on your plate with the dark mussel shells, green vegetables and the orange red broth. Perfect for entertaining friends. Prep time for  Monkfish and mussels will be about 16-20 minutes allow 16-20 [...]

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