Sea Bass And Chorizo Recipe

Sea bass is an very popular fish as its fillets cook quickly and easily. This sea bass and chorizo recipe is no exception. The soft flakes with their slightly  sweet flavour pair really well with meaty chorizo to form a delicious combination. Ingredients for Sea Bass And Chorizo 2 Sea bass fillets from Walter Purkis [...]

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Scallops With Chorizo

This has to be one of the tastiest ways to cook these lovely shellfish. Scallops with Chorizo is a winning combination, the spicy flavours of the Spanish sausage really compliments the  sweet meat of the scallops. About Scallops Scallops are easy to  identify by their familiar fan-shaped shells with chunky ribs. They live on sandy parts [...]

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Squid and Chorizo Skewers

Squid and  Chorizo skewers are very, very, easy to make, quick to cook and full of flavour. It's a classic Spanish combination that makes a perfect light supper or a starter the whole family will enjoy. Ingredients for Squid and Chorizo skewer 2 Fresh squid from Walter Purkis and Sons cleaned (quill, beak and membrane removed) [...]

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