Paella is a  classic Spanish recipe. As with many traditional or regional dishes there are lots of  different “authentic” or correct paella versions along with contemporary updates which makes it hard to say which it the “right” one. This version however is easy to customise to your own preferences, what is available in the shops or in your kitchen cupboard. We like the idea of adding a bit more luxury by swapping some of the prawns in this recipe for a few tasty langoustines.

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Prep time will be about 15 minutes allow a further 60 for the cooking time. Quantities in the recipe below will serve  4 people

Ingredients For Paella

12 raw king prawns from Walter Purkis & Sons
500 grams or 16 closed Mussels (about four or five per person) from Walter Purkis & Sons
100g chorizo, diced
500 grams of rice
400g tin of chopped tomato
50ml olive oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
1 pepper roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
½ tsp dried chilli flakes
½ tsp smoked hot paprika
A large glass of white wine or apple juice
1 litre of fish stock but you could use vegetable or chicken
4 tomatoes and any other items like spring onions, peas or baby corn that you wish to add

Cooking Method For Paella

Heat the olive oil in a large wok type pan. When the oil is hot add in the chopped chorizo and cook for a few minutes. If you are adding any other meat such as chicken breast chop to a similar size and cook at the same time.

When the chorizo is cooking away nicely, add in the chopped onion and pepper and gently stir everything together for a few minutes allowing the vegetables to soften.

Next add the chopped garlic and some spices some chilli flakes and paprika are ideal. Add in the chopped tomatoes. Stir for another few minutes to let the flavours combine together allow the liquid to reduce.

Then add the rice and stir for a further two minutes until everything mixes together.

Next add the white wine. When most of the liquid has been absorbed, add in the fish stock (chicken or vegetable stock will work too) and simmer on a reduced heat for up to 15 minutes. You’ll know that it’s cooked when the rice is soft and all the stock has been absorbed.  A good tip her is do not stir too much allow the rice grains to retain their shape otherwise you will end up with seafood risotto.

After about 15 minutes add your prawns or for a luxe alternative swap some prawns for langoustines.

To cook the mussels. Heat a large saucepan with a close fitting lid over a high heat. Quickly tip in the mussels with a small splash of (about 50ml) water. With the lid on give the pan a good shake getting the heat to each shell. Aim to steam the mussels as quickly as possible. Check inside after 2 minutes. All that have opened are ready. (Any mussels that do not open should be discarded).

At this point you can also add chopped spring onions, peas and mini corn heads to the main dish. Add  the mussels and the paella is ready.

Eat right away serve with some lemon quarters and a good sprinkle  of chopped parsley to garnish.

This paella comes from give them a visit for more fishy recipes