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A Tradition in Fishmongering

mackerel with mustard sauce

The Freshest Fish

Daily from Billingsgate Market, Cornwall, Devon, Grimsby, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and many other fishing ports around Great Britain.

crouch end smokehouse

Smoked Fish

London's oldest working smokehouse is part of our Crouch End Shop. Smoked Haddock, Smoked Mackerel, Smoked Salmon, Kippers and Eel. Available in our shops. Real local food.

Our Local North London Fishmonger Shops

Crouch End Fish Shop

Walter Purkis Crouch End Fishmonger

Muswell Hill Fish Shop

Walter Purkis Muswell Hill Fishmonger

Latest from Fishmonger Blog

  • stuffed herring main ingredient on our counter

Stuffed Herring Parcels

This stuffed herring recipe is quick and easy to prepare and cook. The delicious filling has a distinctive Welsh theme with Caerphilly cheese and leeks.

  • stuffed lemon sole

Stuffed Lemon Sole

This recipe for stuffed lemon sole features delicious smoked salmon and spinach served with bacon gnocchi in a creamy sauce.

  • Scallops with pancetta and pea puree

Scallops With Pancetta And Pea Puree

Scallops are a tasty fast food, they only take a few minutes to pan-fry for a perfect dish. In this scallops with pancetta recipe the meaty flesh is paired up with a sweet pea and mint puree.

  • fresh mussels for moules mariniere

Moules Mariniere Recipe

Now is the season for Mussels (it runs from October to March) One of the best ways to cook them is Moules Mariniere. If you haven't tried them before this basic recipe will get you started. As with many shellfish dishes simple cooking is often the very best way

  • grilled monkfish

Grilled Monkfish With Rosemary

This grilled monkfish recipe will work just as well on a ridged skillet or on the BBQ. The flesh is firm and meaty with a mild sweet flavour which makes and excellent combination with the tomato and basil. 

  • tasty sushi salad

Delicious Sushi Salad

Enjoy this delicious sushi salad it makes a great for a great lunch or supper. Its really easy to prepare, so perfect for a mid-week meal when you are looking for something quick and easy.

  • BBQ Squid

BBQ Squid Recipe

This summery BBQ squid is really easy to cook and perfect for your grill – serve it with a tangy lime and chilli dressing! We have some great tips here for getting a perfect tender result.