Baked Sea Bream with Potatoes

This delicious baked sea bream recipe is from the "Veneto" cookbook which is a collection of recipes with their roots in the countryside around Venice and many associated with the authors family and grand parents.

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Sea Bream With Orange And Dill

Sea bream is a very versatile fish with firm tasty fillets that can be fried, baked, grilled or steamed. This recipe pairs it up with a tasty combination of herbs and orange juice. You can find the fish whole on our counter, just ask and we can remove the scales and fillet it for you [...]

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Crispy Sea Bass With Salsa Verde

Salsa verde means green sauce and it is a great accompaniment for all types of seafood and just right with crispy sea bass fillets. It is a popular sauce in many European countries and there are numerous variations blending olive oil, parsley, capers and garlic some thick and chunky others blended smooth. Preparation time will [...]

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Sustainable Fish

We like to ensure that the best quality and selection of fish is available on our counter.  To do this we buy from a variety of different markets and suppliers (not a single source) because catches will vary with each boat and with regional and seasonal differences  This can make it hard for customers to know where their [...]

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Baked Sea Bass with Lemon, Fennel and Olives

Sea bass is a it very popular fish. Its excellent flavour and firm flesh means that it requires only simple cooking to make a great meal. Sea bass is excellent grilled, baked or cooked ‘en papilotte’.

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