This recipe is for a delicious sea bream sashimi with fantastic flavours. Not just tasty, but a bright, vibrant plate with lots of colourful ingredients. Its easy to prepare with a quick marinade to “cook” the sea bream then the addition of lovely Middle Eastern flavours.

Sustainable Supper Club

The recipe comes from Nati – @natiscooking who is  one half of the Sustainable Supper Club (the other being Dot– @dotscookin) so we have some great local provenance for this recipe. They focus on tasty dishes using local suppliers, sustainable and seasonal food. Their next event will be a Modern Middle Eastern Supper Club that has this dish on the menu.  You can find out more about this event on Friday 21 June 2019 here >>

Ingredients For Sea Bream Sashimi

Quantities below will serves 4

2 skinless fillets of sustainable white fish, eg. Sea bream from Walter Purkis & Sons
2 oranges (zest one of them)
2 limes
pinch of sea salt
1 tablespoon of ground fennel seeds
1 tablespoon of olive oil
2 cooked beetroot
5 pieces of radish thinly sliced
100g sheep’s yoghurt or Greek yoghurt
2 fresh red chilli peppers
fennel strands or fresh dill
2 teaspoons of Rooted Spices House Blend (can be substituted with a mixture of urfa chilli flakes and sumac)

Cooking Method For Sea Bream Sashimi

Prepare the marinade for the fish: Mix the orange zest, lime juice, salt, olive oil, ground fennel seeds and juice of one of the oranges. Taste and season if necessary (you may need more salt).

Slice the skinless bream fillets – you want about 5 per person.

Cover the thinly sliced fish pieces with the liquid and put in the fridge for no more than 15-20 minutes (you don’t want it to “overcook”)

While the fish marinades in the fridge, slice the radish, chop the beetroot into small cubes, slice the chilli peppers thinly. Pick your fennel strands or dill (you want small, delicate pieces to dress your plate).

Peel the remaining orange and try to get the segments out of the membrane with a small sharp knife, cut each segment into half.

Assemble: place 5 pieces of marinated fish onto a plate. Add the orange segments, the beetroot. With a teaspoon gently dot the yoghurt between the fish and beetroot/orange pieces. Scatter the radish and chilli slices all over, sprinkle with the spice mix and finish with your herb decoration. Serve straight away.

Image credit @dotscookin