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Sea Bass And Chorizo Recipe

Sea bass is an very popular fish as its fillets cook quickly and easily. This sea bass and chorizo recipe is no exception. The soft flakes with their slightly  sweet flavour pair really well with meaty chorizo to form a delicious combination. Ingredients for Sea Bass And Chorizo 2 Sea bass fillets from Walter Purkis [...]

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Crispy Sea Bass With Salsa Verde

Salsa verde means green sauce and it is a great accompaniment for all types of seafood and just right with crispy sea bass fillets. It is a popular sauce in many European countries and there are numerous variations blending olive oil, parsley, capers and garlic some thick and chunky others blended smooth. Preparation time will [...]

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Sustainable Fish

We like to ensure that the best quality and selection of fish is available on our counter.  To do this we buy from a variety of different markets and suppliers (not a single source) because catches will vary with each boat and with regional and seasonal differences  This can make it hard for customers to know where their [...]

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Sea Bass Fillets

Sea Bass is a very delicious, firm fleshed fish. They are really tasty and as with many fish simple quick cooking produces the best results. We have some tips here for cooking a perfect fillet. About Sea Bass Sea Bass is a fish that has grown significantly in popularity over recent years both with chefs and home [...]

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Baked Sea Bass with Lemon, Fennel and Olives

Sea bass is a it very popular fish. Its excellent flavour and firm flesh means that it requires only simple cooking to make a great meal. Sea bass is excellent grilled, baked or cooked ‘en papilotte’.

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