This recipe is for gilt head sea bream teriyaki style – lots of oriental spicy flavours pair well with the firm fish fillets along with a portion of noodles it makes for a very tasty meal. The quantities in the recipe below are for four people. If you have more or less round your table it is easy to adapt the quantities to suit.

About Sea Bream

This fish is widely used in Mediterranean cooking and has a variety of names. The term “sea bream” is sometimes used for gilt-head bream which is also known as Orata in Italy; Dourada” in Portugal; “Dorade Royale” in France and Dorada in Spain! So it is easy to be confused. Despite all the different names it can be recognised by the very distinctive gold bar on its forehead.  Gilthead bream is generally considered the best-tasting. It makes a regular appearance on our counter.

Ingredients For Sea Bream Teriyaki Style

4 fillets of sea bream – choose your fish and we can fillet for you in the shop
200ml soya sauce
1 chopped red chilli
8 good sprigs of coriander
2 glace stem ginger (you could also use grated fresh ginger).
2 tablespoons honey
250g noodles

Cooking Method For Sea Bream Teriyaki

Place all soya sauce, chilli, coriander, glace stem (or grated) ginger and honey into liquidiser and liquidise.

Spread all over the fillets and leave for  at least two hours. If you are able you can let them marinate over night.

When you are ready to cook remove fish from marinade and pan fry fish on each side in a little olive oil. About 2 or 3 minutes each side will be enough – thin fillets will cook faster than thick.

Cook noodles in salted boiling water then drain and toss in a little of the fish marinade.

Serve fish on top of noodles. Eat right away.

This recipe also works well with sea bass, other types of sea bream and raw prawns.

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