Gefilte fish are poached fish patties or balls that are poached in stock. It is a traditional Jewish dish, eaten throughout the year but popular on holidays such as Passover.  – You can find it freshly made on our chiller counter. The main ingredient is a mixture of different fish chopped up into a mince. In our special minced (chopped fish) mixture we include a tasty mix of Haddock, Cod, Bream, Whiting and Hake.

What Is Gefilte Fish

The name comes from the  Yiddish word gefilte which means “stuffed”. Interestingly this comes from the dishes history rather than the way in which it is more commonly prepared today. Originally the dish was more like a fish sausage where the chopped fish was cooked inside a fish skin. It is a dish that can divide opinions with lovers and haters of jellyish versions from the jar that can often have a greyish appearance; when made at home, gefilte fish will be a delicious treat

Typical Ingredients

Over time this mixture of fish, eggs, onions, and binder has lost the skin and become individual portions or a larger “log” (to be sliced later) that are gently poached in a fish stock.

As with many traditional dishes and recipes there are many  different variations and combinations reflecting regional differences and ingredients. Historically you might find freshwater fish such as carp or pike in the mixture reflecting eastern European regions. Today in the south Poland you might find cooks adding more sugar. In Lithuania there is no sweetening with sugar however beets are added to the cooking stock. In Ukraine they prefer to add carrot and parsnip to the fish for a sweeter taste and more texture.

Whatever recipe you prefer fresh fish will make it tasty and a very different experience from the jar versions.