Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Sometimes it is the simple things that taste best and are hard to improve on. A smoked salmon bagel is one of those things. Three basic elements are needed,  smoked salmon, soft cream cheese and the bagel coming together in perfect harmony. Smoked Salmon From Walter Purkis & Sons Much of the smoked fish sold through the shops [...]

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Poached Lemon Sole

This recipe combine two favourites tasty Lemon Sole and our very own smoked salmon - delicious. It will make a very good supper dish with the added benefit of being quick to prepare. Local Smoked Salmon The smoked salmon in our shops is smoked locally in the traditional smoke house that is located in the rear of our [...]

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Roasted Cod with Parma Ham and Smoked Salmon

This roasted cod recipe will make a smart looking supper or dinner party dish.The cod is perfectly complemented by the intense salty flavour of the Parma ham and a rich smoky contribution from the smoked salmon. We have it paired here with some couscous but the recipe will work just as  well with roasted summer [...]

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