Sometimes it is the simple things that taste best and are hard to improve on. A smoked salmon bagel is one of those things. Three basic elements are needed,  smoked salmon, soft cream cheese and the bagel coming together in perfect harmony.

Smoked Salmon From Walter Purkis & Sons

Much of the smoked fish sold through the shops is smoked in the century old smoke house at the rear of our Crouch End Shop. So what you see on our counter are truly local food products. Our smoked Salnon is made with traditional skills and recipes that have been handed down through the Purkis family for at least six generations. The processes use nothing but natural wood usually oak shavings for the best rich flavours.  There are no chemicals or dyes added.  Our smoked salmon has a mild London cure and is a perfect ingredient for a smoked salmon bagel.

About Bagels

Probably the most obvious features of a bagel is its distinctive ring shape or to put it another way bagels have a hole in the middle. Another key element is its slightly chewy texture which comes from the special cooking technique.

Bagels are made with a white flour and yeast. The dough is formed into rings and allowed to rise. They are then dunked into boiling water for a half minute then removed and allowed to dry off. It is the boiling that gives the bagel its firm texture and shiny crust.

Making A Perfect Smoked Salmon Bagel

Purists might argue that you should not mess with something so traditional but here are a few ideas you might like to try. You don’t need a recipe it is a matter of personal preference however the best ingredients do make all the difference.

The essentials:

  • First slice open your bagel and lightly toast
  • Spread on plenty of soft cream cheese
  • Season with a little freshly ground black pepper.
  • Add the main ingredient a generous slice of Walter Purkis and Sons smoked salmon.

Some variations:

  • Squeeze over a very little lemon juice.
  • Add some salad ingredients such as a cucumber slice or some rocket
  • Eggs go well, try poached or maybe scrambled

This Smoked Salmon Bagel recipe come from the Fish is the Dish website where you can find this and lots of other fishy recipes.