Lemon Sole

Fried Lemon Sole And Lemon Butter

Fried Lemon Sole has delicate but quite firm sweet white flesh and really shines when cooked simply. We have tips here to fry and serve with lemon butter for a good looking but easy to prepare meal. Why Is This fish Called "Lemon Sole" Lemon Sole (Microstomus kitt) is a flatfish but in fact part [...]

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Poached Lemon Sole

This recipe combine two favourites tasty Lemon Sole and our very own smoked salmon - delicious. It will make a very good supper dish with the added benefit of being quick to prepare. Local Smoked Salmon The smoked salmon in our shops is smoked locally in the traditional smoke house that is located in the rear of our [...]

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Plaice With Pea And Bacon Purée

Fried plaice is always delicious. This recipe for Plaice with pea and bacon purée adds lots of extra flavours. The bacon element in particular makes the purée a really luxurious dish - definitely not be confused with of mushy peas! These ingredients will serve four people, allow about thirty minutes for preparation Ingredients for Plaice With Pea [...]

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Lemon Sole Veronique

Lemon Sole Veronique is a classic fish dish. It's smooth, creamy sauce with grapes is a delicious combination with the white fish. It is a simple dish to prepare, first the sole is poached in white wine/vermouth. Then a cream sauce is made with the poaching liquor, grapes are added and then poured over the fish. Sole Veronique [...]

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