It is time to be planning a Valentine’s day meal. Come in and see us for the ideal romantic ingredients. Place your order in advance and get just what you need for your perfect meal and avoid any disappointment.

Oysters for Valentine’s Day

Oysters must be one of the most common  features on any Valentine’s Day menu – probably because Oysters are traditionally known as an aphrodisiac. Whether there is any real scientific proof of this or not one definite fact is that they are a real tasty treat.


Eating raw oysters is one of the best seafood experiences. No other food conjures up a taste of the sea as much as an oyster. There are however quite a few differences among oysters depending on type and their location . Tastes can range from salty to floral, some have fruity hint, mineral flavours  Even oysters from the same estuary can vary in flavour depending upon exactly where they are grown.

Many people insist that raw is the only way to eat an Oyster, perhaps with freshly ground black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice or drop of Tabasco sauce. If that seems like a step to far for you, then why not try them grilled with a few bread crumbs on top? (Steamed or poached is good too.)

Ask in our shop and we can tell you more about the oysters we have on sale. For more information have a look at our Oyster guide >>.

valentine's day lobsters

 Lobster for Valentine’s day

What could be better for a luxurious Valentine’s day treat than a fresh Lobster? Walter Purkis can offer our customers the freshest lobsters and in the very best condition. In our Muswell Hill shop we have a “Homarium”. This is a specialist tank that keeps live lobsters in ideal conditions.

We source our live lobsters from around the UK. Coldwater lobsters from our more northern seas are considered to be the finest quality. A large lobster will look very impressive but generally the smaller the lobster, the more tender it will be.

You will see in our tank that before cooking the lobster shell is a dark colour, with a blue green hue – it acquires the classic red-orange colour after cooking.

You can select you own or take your pick from the selection of our freshly boiled Lobsters which ever you choose  they are always delicious.

Treat your partner this Valentine’s Day with a special home-cooked meal. Whatever will make your perfect romantic dinner order now in our shops and you can pick it up in good time.