These are our opening times for Easter 2024. Its not just about the fish we have a selection of tasty eggs that will be perfect over the Easter holiday period.

Friday 29th March, Good Friday – open as usual

Saturday 30th March – open as usual.

Sunday 31st March – closed

Monday 1st April, Easter Monday Bank Holiday – closed

Tuesday 2nd April – closed as there are no fresh fish available

Wednesday 3rd April -we re-open again, The fishing boats will be back with fresh fish for the markets

Try Some Of These “Alternative” Easter Eggs

Fresh Quail Eggs

Have you tried our wonderful fresh quail eggs? Quails are the smallest of all European game birds and they produce delightful eggs. These small tasty eggs are a real treat with their distinctive pale blue shell covered with an array of brown speckles. For their size they have surprisingly large yolks. Compared to a hens egg they have greater depth of flavour.  Soft boil them and serve with a bowl of salt for dipping.

We source our quail eggs from Greenham Quail a family business since 1991 they  has produced top quality quail eggs, with all of the birds raised on Farm feed on drug-free and non-GM food.

Tasty Farm Easter Eggs

We stock high quality farm eggs that are delicious and nutritious ideal for an Easter eggs breakfast – fried, boiled, poached or scrambled. Pick some up when you are in the shop. They will be perfect with some of our own smoked salmon from the smokehouse behind our crouch end shop See more here >>

Amazing Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are a larger and vibrant alternative to the regular varieties we see from hens. You can use them to fry, poach or boil. They are good scrambled too. They have a bigger yolks and a more intense reddish-orange hue perfect for a brighter breakfast plate. Because duck eggs also contain more fat and protein, they are a good choice for baking. Try them for fluffier cakes, bigger meringues, more structure in your bread, and amazing custards.


For a real luxury treat this Easter try one of these pots. They will make a superb Easter caviar gift. Tins are available in three different sizes 50g, 100g and 250g.  Osetra caviar is one of the most prized and refined types of caviar. Synonymous with luxury, and pure indulgence these luxe Easter eggs will be a wonderful treat (hopefully for sharing!).  A real Easter 2022 holiday tonic for these trying and uncertain times.