Its the mussel season and we are delighted to have some really good looking plump Cornish mussels on our counter.

Specialist Cornish Mussels Supplier

We are sourcing these tasty shellfish from Westcountry Mussels who are based in Fowey, Cornwall. They specialise in offshore mussels and grow them on ropes in the highest grade of water quality in the country. They create a safe habitat for mussels away from natural predators on the sea bed.  They do this this by hanging ropes 10 metres long suspended from the surface in 20 metres of water. The clean ocean waters ensure they provide some of the very best  product available.

Their mussels have clean light shells and plump orange meats enabling our customers to have more mussels per kilo with a creamy distinct flavour.

Our mussels are taken out of the purification tank and bagged up on the hour of despatch, ensuring that the product you see on our counter is as fresh as possible.

Sustainable Mussel Farming

Blue mussels are found naturally growing all around Cornwall’s coast. The practice of farming on ropes is very environmentally friendly as the mussels grow naturally, feeding on passing plankton. Unlike fish farming where large amounts of feed is used and polluting waste is created mussels have a minimal impact and the farms actually create sheltered marine habitat that attracts other species.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to cook these tasty shellfish take a look at these mussel recipe blog posts which have great ideas and good cooking tips.