The Chinese New Year 2024 festival period lasts for 16 days, starting from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival. This period is also referred to as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. The first day of the lunar year corresponds to the first new moon of the lunar calendar, which occurs sometime in late January to early February. In 2024, it starts on February 10th, when the new moon emerges, and ends on February 24th, the day of the full moon.

There will be special celebrations that continue for the whole two week period. It is a great time for having a splendid meal with family and friends and we have a great selection of Lobsters and fresh fish for some tasty Chinese New Year feasting.

Chinese communities all around the globe are planning ahead for this period of New Year celebrations which are some of the most important dates in the Chinese lunar calendar. The lunar cycle means that it is celebrated on a different days each year. The Chinese zodiac has a different animal for each year in a 12-year cycle and this year will be the Year Of The Dragon.

Lobster And Fish For Chinese New Year 2024

Traditionally at Chinese New Year it is considered a very good time to eat to eat auspicious or lucky foods which are believed to bring good luck for the coming year. The luck these auspicious foods symbolise is usually based on their name pronunciations or appearance.

Lobster is known as the ‘dragon of the sea’ and embodies strength, good fortune, energy and spirit. In Chinese cuisine, a lobster dish, representing the dragon, is often paired with a poultry dish, representing the phoenix, and together the two symbolize a strong marriage and family. We have the freshest lobsters in our Muswell Hill shop in a special homarium. Read more on lobsters here >>

Auspicious Lucky Fish For A Prosperous Year Of The Dragon

A steamed whole fish is a big favourite on any Chinese table particularly for Chinese New Year family reunion banquets. It is thought an auspicious or lucky food as the word for fish sounds similar to the word for “surplus” or “extra” and a surplus in one year will predict further good financial fortune in the new year ahead. There is also a tradition of eating two fish one on the eve and one on 1st day of the year as when this is written down it also sounds like a wish for a surplus year on year.

It also matters how the fish is eaten by observing certain traditions can also be auspicious and bring good luck. Firstly how the fish is positioned on the table – the head end should be placed towards older or distinguished family members and guests which represents respect. The fish should stay in this position on the table. Other diners need to wait their turn and only serve themselves after those respected guests have eaten. It is also auspicious that the two diners who are  facing the the head and tail should also drink  together.

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