Sea Bass is a very delicious, firm fleshed fish. They are really tasty and as with many fish simple quick cooking produces the best results. We have some tips here for cooking a perfect fillet.

About Sea Bass

Sea Bass is a fish that has grown significantly in popularity over recent years both with chefs and home cooks enjoying this good looking  sweet tasting fish. It is very versatile and will make a great simple supper or dinner party dish with a more complex recipe.

They are available all year round either as wild catch or from farmed sources – you can always check our labels in the shop to see where our fish has been sourced. Whole sea bass have sharp spiky fins and robust scales which we can remove for you in the shop.

Cooking Tips For Sea Bass Fillets

Choose your fish in the shop and we will clean and fillet it for you.

Allow one fillet per person – choose your fish size to suit your appetite.

Remove your fillets from any packaging rinse and pat dry with a cloth or paper towel. (It will only take a few minutes to cook so you will need to have your vegetables very nearly ready when you put the fish in the pan.)

Season the fillets on both sides with salt and pepper, and dust with a little plain flour.

Heat 30g butter (good for two fillets) in a frying pan bring up to a high heat but don’t let the butter blacken or burn. Add the fillets skin side down, they will shrink in length quickly. Turn the heat down to a medium setting. Keep your pan moving to prevent the fillet sticking.

The fish will cook quickly (in minutes – depending on the size/thickness of the piece) You will see the flesh quickly change colour and become opaque.

Turn over carefully then brown the other side – add a little more butter if the pan looks dry.  This will take less time, so as soon as the fish has a golden tint its done.

Serve right away – illustration has leeks with white sauce and a few breadcrumbs.