Have you tried our wonderful fresh quail eggs? These small tasty eggs are a real treat. Quails are the smallest of all European game birds and they produce very pretty small eggs – about the same size as a large olive. They have a distinctive pale shell with a variety of brown speckles. Soft boiled with a little salt they make an attractive canape or a luxury addition to your picnic hamper.

Quail eggs have surprisingly large yolks in proportion to the egg white. Compared to a hens egg they have greater depth of flavour

We source our quail eggs from Greenham Quail a family business since 1991 they  has produced top quality quail eggs, with all of the birds raised on Farm feed on drug-free and non-GM food.

Cooking Tips for Quail Eggs

Quails eggs are very easy to cook and because they are so small, the cook very fast.  With their creamy and light flavour and perfect size these eggs make an elegant addition to a salad, soup, or alone as a canape.

Fill a small saucepan with plenty of water about two thirds full with water. Bring to the boil. Add the eggs gently with a slotted spoon. Do not overcrowd the pan – allow the eggs plenty of space

At 2.5 minutes you will have a soft boiled egg, 3 minutes will be medium and 4 minutes for hard boiled.

As soon as you time is reached remove eggs from the pan and cool them under cold running water. Quick cooling stops the cooking process. Peel them carefully and right away.  Tap the bottoms and roll them, then ease out of the shell. Quail eggs can be tricky to shell so allow time to complete what can be fiddly task. It does get quicker as you pick up the knack.

Serving Suggestions For Quails Eggs

Simple is often the very best way and a soft boiled egg dipped into some sea salt, black pepper or celery salt is very hard to beat. Quail eggs are a perfect addition for asparagus, smoked salmon or a salad. If you want to be more ambitious try using them to make some mini scotch eggs!