Stylish shoppers in Crouch End will be keen to get their hands on this new Walter Purkis shopping bag. Not just stylish, this highly desirable “bag for life” will help you be more environmentally friendly by cutting down on plastic bag use.  You can buy them from our shops – £3.99.

Use Less Plastic

Because we sell unwrapped fresh fish from our counters we have always provided our customers with with a plastic bag however as we now pack your purchase in a heat sealed wrapper this is no longer necessary. As a result we are encouraging the use of bags that can be used many times including our own  Walter Purkis shopping bag. We are all increasingly aware that the use of disposable plastic bags is causing problems around the world, particularly environmental damage, climate change and wildlife impacts. These reusable bags can help solve these problems by reducing the number of single-use plastic bags manufactured and discarded every day.

The Walter Purkis shopping bag

This jute bag is is great value and a great size for plenty of shopping (not just fish). The bags have a robust construction and will last well. Inside it has a coating that can be wiped clean so ideal for fresh fruit and veg which can be wet or muddy.

Reusing the bags multiple times ensures that they have a lower global warming potential and are more eco-friendly than conventional disposable plastic bags. Throwing away unused or under-utilised items is a waste of resources, so don’t just buy a reusable bag – use it, reuse it, then use it some more.