We have these tasty artisanal sauces for fish  from France on our deli shelves. These traditional and classic flavours are made in Brittany, France by Crust’Armor, a family business since 1950.

Classic Sauces For Fish

Fresh fish always makes a tasty meal but sometimes the addition of a sauce will elevate your meal. We have a selection of tried and tested favourites that are a perfect pairing with fish. You can keep the jars in your store cupboard and be ready to deliver a classic plate in no time at all.

  • A few spoonful’s of rich smooth hollandaise sauce can make even the quickest and most basic fish dish sensational. It is amazing with some of our smoked salmon add egg and muffin for Eggs Benedict
  • Bearnaise is a similar smooth  sauce but has the added attraction of tarragon. It will pair very well with any fried or grilled fish
  • Gravlax  sauce has Nordic routes and is perfect with salmon. Slightly sweet with some honey and fantastic herb notes from dill also tangy mustard – delicious.
  • Lemon sauce pairs well with all types of fish. Try it with the delicate flavour of a plaice or brill fillet.
  • Mustard and seaweed is a great tangy  combination. It make an interesting change to tartar sauce and great with most fish dishes.
  • Saffron is used in many classic seafood dishes such as bouillabaisse and paella. It can also be used in rice dishes such as risotto.
  • Rouille is a sauce that originates in the Mediterranean and is traditionally served with seafood soups and stews where it appears spread on crispy croutons

Come and see us for some really fresh fish then choose your sauce.

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