A lemon sole has a delicate, sweet flesh and is at its best cooked grilled or fried. This Lemon Sole with almonds recipe keeps its simple but delivers a good looking dish that is really quick and easy to prepare.

Ingredients For Lemon Sole With Almonds

Lemon Sole Fillets (1 per adult) from Walter Purkis & Sons (we can prepare these for you in the shop)
Whole Almonds
Green Beans
Flour (For Dusting)
1 tsp of butter
New potatoes

Cooking Method For Lemon Sole With Almonds

First cook the green beans. Not for to long they need to be just cooked and looking a bright green.

Toast whole almonds under the grill, until they begin to darken. Cut the cooked beans in half and chop the almonds coarsely .

Rinse the lemon sole well with cold water, dab dry on paper towel. Take the skirt off the sole fillets (the easiest way is with scissors, although you can do so with your hands) and dust them with flour, then shallow fry in a medium/hot frying pan.

Boil the new potatoes.

Remove the fish when cooked and wrap in tin foil put to one side and keep warm. (You can see when the fish is done by placing a fork in the thickest part of the fish, then gently twisting the fork. If it flakes easily then it’s done.)

To finish the dish brown the butter in a pan on a medium heat, (too hot can spoil the flavour) then add in the green beans and almonds stir to quickly coat with butter.

Serve the fish right away with the green beans, butter and almonds on top, with boiled new potatoes on the side.

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