We are delighted to have been voted runner up Best Fishmonger in London 2015 in the Slow Food London Awards. Even more pleasing is that this is the second year running we have been in the final two. A big thank to everybody who took time to nominate us in the awards. We really appreciate your  support and enthusiasm for our shops, suppliers and fishmongering team . Congratulations as well to all the other winners in the awards.

About the Slow Food London Awards 2015

Slow Food London runs annual awards, voted for by the public. Each year they are asked to nominate for their favourite producers, retailers, and their overall best individual product. Thousands of people vote, and Slow Food does not provide any short list so this a truly democratic award and a real seal of approval because you the public chose the winners. You can see more about Slow Food London here>>

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. It was founded in 1989 in Italy.

Quality is fundamental—food must taste good and be good for us. Quality includes: the freshness and wholesomeness of ingredients; the care and craft with which they are handled; the quality of life of consumers, producers and their neighbors. It is a standard of Quality based on food that is good, clean and fair.

Authenticity means that the food is true to its source. Natural products free of additives are true to themselves; local, seasonal foods are true to their time and place; heirloom varietals and heritage breeds are true to their evolutionary history; traditional foods are true to their cultural heritage. Authentic foods come from and contribute to ecological and cultural systems that are good, clean and fair.

Sustainability means that we must pay attention to the consequences of how we produce and distribute food. We must be good stewards of the environment in which we live; we must protect the biodiversity on which we depend; we must be humane to the animals we raise, fair to the people we employ, and we must insist that high quality food be available to all. Sustainability means reducing all the negative consequences of making food – it means using processes that are good, clean and fair.