We have some tasty luxury treats on our counter. Delicious packs of tasty Osetra Caviar. These are eggs from Siberian sturgeons (Acipenser Baerii). The caviar has been prepared using the traditional “Malossol” process. The roe’s diameter is between 2.5 – 3.0mm and has a colour palette stretching from pearl grey to hazelnut. Tins are available in three different sizes 50g, 100g and 250g.  Osetra caviar is one of the most prized and refined types of caviar.

Osetra Caviar Farmed in Italy

Intense commercial fishing has significantly reduced the number of egg producing sturgeon in the wild.  However since 1988 located in Northern Italy (Pianura Padana) in 1988 a company called Salmo-Pan srl was formed  to  specialise in breeding sturgeons. The result of many years work and research is the production of exclusive and high quality Italian caviar. Salmo-Pan is one of the leaders in the fish farming industry. their caviar is produced in the farm located in Pandino, Cremona province, within the Natural Park of the Tormo river, one of the few still pristine rivers of Lombardy. The Tormo river takes its waters from a wide numbers of flatland springs, so waters are constantly fresh, clear and pure in which the sturgeons can thrive.

Malossol Cure

Malossol is a Russian word that literally translates to “little salt.” When the word malossol is used to describe caviar, it is thought to be the perfect salting process used to increase the shelf life of this highly perishable fish roe. A salt content of 3-5% is considered ideal because it not only preserves the roe but allows for enhancement of the product’s natural flavors. The term malossol was traditionally reserved for only the highest grade caviar, with this one word signaling to consumers that what they are buying is quality in taste and has not been over-salted.

You can see more about our supplier here www.salmopan.com.