For a real luxury treat this Christmas one of these pots will really hit the spot. They will make a superb Christmas caviar gift. Tins are available in three different sizes 50g, 100g and 250g.  Osetra caviar is one of the most prized and refined types of caviar. Synonymous with luxury, and pure indulgence this Siberian Baeriia will be a wonderful treat (hopefully for sharing!).

Christmas Caviar With Delicate and Refined Flavour

For centuries Caviar has been regarded as one of the finest delicacies, enjoyed by early Persians, Greeks and even in Imperial Rome. Gourmets like to debate the subtle nuances and flavours in different caviar types. As these flavours are so delicate caviar is usually served using a mother of pearl spoon as it is inert, and does not impart any flavour or taint to the caviar.

Our caviar is from the Siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii), It is a medium-grained caviar recognised for its silky texture with a refreshing flavour that has a breathe of the sea. The grain colours range from black/grey all the way to black/brown tones.

Sustainable Caviar

With the availability of ethical and sustainable sourcing you can enjoy this treat with a clear conscience. Many years of scientific research and investment, sturgeon farms have now mastered the rearing of the fish and can contribute not only to the production of eggs but also the preservation of this majestic Fish. The current total worldwide production of sustainable product is now comparable to that of wild caught caviar of 20 years ago. Our supplier Imperial Caviar are suppliers of the finest sustainable Caviars sourced from ethical producers selected and then packed here in the United Kingdom.

Christmas Menu

To complete the menu pair up with these other seafood classics. Fresh oysters  are always a delicious treat and for a main course what could be a better than a fresh Lobster? Walter Purkis has always made a speciality of sourcing the very best shellfish available.

All  Christmas Caviar orders need to made in one of our shops.