Grilled Lobster

What could be better for a summer BBQ treat than a grilled lobster? The sweet taste of shellfish on the grill is a delicious intense flavour. This recipe combines the lobster with a tasty flavoured butter. If the weather changes your plans these cooking tips will work just a well under the grill indoors. Ingredients below [...]

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Squid and Chorizo Skewers

Squid and  Chorizo skewers are very, very, easy to make, quick to cook and full of flavour. It's a classic Spanish combination that makes a perfect light supper or a starter the whole family will enjoy. Ingredients for Squid and Chorizo skewer 2 Fresh squid from Walter Purkis and Sons cleaned (quill, beak and membrane removed) [...]

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Swordfish Steaks

Try a lean and healthy swordfish steak they are excellent on the BBQ or grilled. Very tasty also quick and easy to prepare. We have some cooking suggestions and tips for a great weekend meal.

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BBQ Salmon Steak Grilling Tips

When the weather is looking good we are think a salmon steak on the grill will be perfect. Salmon steak is ideal for the BBQ  with its firm texture that helps it hold together well and it cooks quickly picking up those delicious smokey flavours from the charcoal.

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