Scallops Kebab BBQ

Scallops Kebab BBQ

If you are thinking about having a BBQ here is a tasty suggestion for your grill – Scallops Kebab. If the weather changes you can also cook these in a hot pan or under the grill but over some hot coals does add a smokey something extra.

Scallops are ideal for the BBQ  as they have a firm meaty texture that stays together well and it cooks rapidly picking up those delicious smokey flavours from the charcoal.

About Scallops

Scallops are readily identified by their large ribbed fan shaped shell. They live  generally in sandy parts of the sea bed filtering their food from the water.  Scallops are a “free-living” shellfish which means unlike most molluscs they can swim short distances particularly to escape danger. They do this by clapping their shells which allows them to “hop” and “jump” in a jerky jet propelled dance along the sea bed. The good news for shellfish eaters is that they have a large well developed muscle to do this – it is the large white disk on your plate. The other part is usually bright orange sometimes paler or white and is known as the coral (because of its colour). This is the roe.

The scallop shell is the traditional emblem of St James hence the origin of the French name Coquille St. Jacques

Cooking tips for Scallops Kebab on your BBQ

First of all light your BBQ – this is the slowest part. Allow the coals to get white all over and pile them up to be close to the grill surface.

Depending on size two larges scallops make a lovely starter per person or four/five with extra kebab trimmings (see suggestions below) for a meal.

If they have been in the fridge allow the scallops to come up to room temperature

Rinse them gently to remove any grit and pat them dry with a cloth or kitchen towel. Thread them onto a skewer pushing it through at the widest parts and through the coral.

Brush them with some olive oil then season well with sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Rosemary goes very well with their sweet flavour so sprinkle liberally with a good handful of leaves.

Place your kebab over the hottest part of your grill and allow 20 to 30 seconds each side. Have a knife or slice ready in case any parts get stuck to the grill.

Eat right away serving with a couple of lemon wedges.

For the best flavour and results plan to grill on the day you purchase. They will keep however very well in the fridge for several days.

Scallop Kebab Variations

To make a more substantial kebab you can add more ingredients. The addition of some smokey bacon chunks or lardons is a winning combination you might also try cubes of black pudding or chorizo. As you are cooking very quickly cut these extras quite thin or fry beforehand then thread onto the skewer. Red onion also red and yellow peppers will work well. Thread all these extras alternately on you kebab skewer for a very tasty and colourful combination.

We have lots more scallop recipes here on our blog >>

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