We were so pleased to have our Crouch End smoked salmon featured on the most recent edition of “Sunday Brunch” on Channel 4. The food writer and presenter Rebecca Seal hosted the segment and we were delighted to hear our salmon being described as “really really delicious” and “very, very nice”.  If you want to try for yourself come into the shop and see us .

If you would like to watch the segment you can find the Sunday Brunch Episode 43 here  (The smoked salmon segment is at the 60 minute mark). If you want to find out more about Rebecca Seal  visit her website here >>

Smoked Salmon for Christmas

The programme had a section on smoked salmon for Christmas – being one of the traditional Christmas treats we all like to enjoy in the festive season. Our smoked salmon has a mild London cure and is a perfect ingredient for your Christmas menu. It can be the ideal starter before the main meal but can also be a very flexible ingredient to have in the fridge for a luxury brunch or tasty canapés.

Smoked salmon – cured in Crouch End

The smoked salmon sold in our shops is smoked in Crouch End  in the traditional smoke house that is located in the rear the Crouch End Shop.  This smoke house is a century old  and in fact the oldest working fish smokehouse in London.

We use nothing but natural woods and no chemicals are added.  We cure the fish using traditional skills and the recipes for this are ones that have been handed down through the Purkis family for at least six generations. What you see on our counters are truly traditional and genuine local food products.

You can see more about our Crouch End smoke house here 

Don’t miss out

If you want to have some really delicious locally smoked salmon for Christmas make sure you order in advance in one of our shops. It is really popular and we do run out