Try this delicious and simple way of cooking salmon fillets. Quick and easy to prepare with lovely Asian flavours you can have a lovely supper in under 30 minutes. We suggest accompanying the Salmon with a healthy stir fry.

Come into the shop and we can prepare the salmon fillets for you – cut as thick as your (or your guests) appetite! We sell both wild and farmed Salmon.

Ingredients for Salmon Fillets With Seasame

2 Salmon fillets with skin on from Walter Purkis and Sons
Soy Sauce
Seasame oil
Seasame seeds

For the stirfry

1 large carrot
6 spring onions
2 pak choi
Bean sprouts

Cooking Method For Salmon Fillets With Seasame

Marinate the salmon in a bowl with some sesame oil for about 30 minutes.

Finely chop your stir fry ingredients (carrot, spring onion and pak choi) Grating the carrot is also a good option. Keep the leaf portion of the Pak Choi to one side as it will cook much faster than the stalk and the other ingredients.

Heat several tablespoons of Seasame oil in a high sided frying pan or if available a wok. When just starting to smoke add in the vegetables and bean sprouts except for the Pack Choi leaves. Turn every few minutes to prevent excessive charing.

Heat more oil in a frying pan and place the Salmon fillets skin-side down. As it cooks you will see the flesh change colour becoming whiter as you can see in the picture above. It will only take a few minutes. When the colour change reaches half way turn over and brown the other side. NB Salmon fillet does not need much cooking – a shorter time keeps more flavour and succulence.

Add the Pak Choi leaves to the stir fry and keep stiring over the heat till they are wilted. Add some soy sauce to the stir fry and then serve onto plates. Place the cooked salmon skin side up on top then drizzle with more soy sauce and sprinkle with the Seasame seeds.

This salmon fillet recipe is very flexible and you can adapt it to your personal preference – try different ingredients in the stir fry, rice wine in the marinade and different types of soy sauce.