We often say in our recipe posts that simple is best. This recipe is no exception. The combination of a little ham and a fresh prawn is delicious and easy to make. Wrapped prawns is a real winner and will be popular with the whole family.

This recipe will take about 15 minutes for preparation with a further 10 minutes for Cooking time. The quantities below will serve four people

Ingredients For Wrapped Prawns

2 slices prosciutto
16 raw, peeled, jumbo prawns, from Walter Purkis & Sons
8 sticks rosemary, leaves removed from all but the top of each stalk
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper for seasoning

Cooking Method For Wrapped Prawns

Cut each prosciutto slice across the width to give four even-sized strips and then in half length-ways to give eight pieces each and 16 in total, one for each prawn.

Wrap each piece of prosciutto around the centre of each prawn like a blanket. Make a prawn into a C shape and push the bottom end of a rosemary stick in through the top of the ‘C’ right through to the bottom of the ‘C’. Push the prawn about halfway up the stick and then add another prawn in the same way. Repeat to make eight skewers in total. NB if you do not have a rosemary bush in your garden or the long stalks in you local shop this will work just as well with a simple cocktail stick.

Get a griddle pan hot. Brush the prawns with a little oil, season with salt and pepper and then, working in batches if necessary, griddle them for about 1-2 minutes each side depending on their size, until cooked through. Look for a simple colour change in the prawn from translucent grey to opaque white. Keep each batch on a warm plate covered with foil as you cook the next. Serve right away with a slice of lime for some fresh citrus zing.

This tasty prawn recipe and image  comes from Fish is the dish give them a visit for more great cooking ideas