This tasty recipe for monkfish kebabs is very easy to prepare and cook. It will look very pretty on the plate and be a real treat for friends and family around your table . You might think they are so tasty and easy that you will keep them for yourself! They will work as a main course or starter, just change the quantities per person.

The recipe, delicious photo and cooking tips are from our customer Alison Carman who is the force behind Pink Ginger catering  a local boutique catering business – so we are in good hands. You can see more on their website

About Monkfish Kebabs

The idea of  sticking foods on a skewer and setting them over the grill, griddle or BBQ or into the oven, is obvious, easy, and almost infinitely variable. The recipe below is for monkfish alone but you can adapt the technique adding in some extra ingredients and flavour combinations with delicious results. We suggest combining the Monkfish with some scallops, pancetta chunks or maybe large prawns.

The recipe will work well with metal or wooden skewers however the flavour really does permeate from the rosemary twigs.

In Italian these are know as spiedini – sticking foods on short skewers (spiedo is spit, spiedini are little spits).

Ingredients For MonkFish Kebabs

Quantities below are per person so scale accordingly.

150g – 200g  monkfish tail per person from Walter Purkis & Sons (You will find them prepared on our counter)
Fresh Lemon Wedges
Woody Rosemary Stems
Salt and Pepper

Cooking Method For MonkFish Kebabs

First cut you monkfish tail into smallish 2cm cubes. Allow for an equal number for each kebab.

Take the leaves off the rosemary stalks, leaving just the attractive tufts at the end. Treading on the ingredients will be much easier if you sharpen the other end into a point.

Thread diced chunks of monkfish alternately with lemon wedges on to the rosemary stems. If you are using other additional ingredients such as scallops or prawns make them alternate to allow the flavours to mix.

Make sure that your griddle, grill or BBQ is at a high heat before cooking.

Brush each kebab well with olive oil and season with plenty of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Serve right away.

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