This Hake En Papilotte Recipe is a great way to prepare this delicious fish. It is a very quick and easy to cook but looks very good on the plate for entertaing friends

About Hake

Hake are a deep-sea fish and part of the Cod family. The fish are found on the continental shelf and slope to depths over 1,000 metres. Hake is a versatile fish with a mild flavour more subtle than cod. Hake is considered very good eating because of its firm, sweet, white meat and medium sized flaked structure. Interesting to see how fish have different names globally. In France Hake is called ‘Saumon Blanc’ (‘white salmon’) while in the United States it’s known as Ling or Whiting both of which are quite different fish in the UK.

The preparation time for this recipe will be a speedy 15 minutes Allow about 10 minutes for the cooking time. The quantities below will serve four people.

Ingredients for Hake En Papilotte

4 x hake fillets from Walter Purkis & Sons
2 or 3 spears of asparagus per serving
2 cooked and quartered Jersey Royals per serving

For the butter:
50g butter
grated zest and juice 1 lime
small handful chopped mint
2 lemon wedges

Cooking Method For Hake En Papilotte

Preheat the oven to 220°C or to gas mark 8.Arrange the

For the papilotte cut out 4 large heart shapes from  a good quality grease-proof paper roll. Take some of the cooked and quartered potatoes and arrange them evenly on one half of the grease proof paper. Next place in the hake fillets with the asparagus spears  on top.

Put a slice of the butter on top along with a couple of lemon wedges finally sprinkle the fresh and roughly chopped mint over the top. Seal the parcel thoroughly by folding the paper over  several times. This will keep all the moisture in and steam the fish..

Arrange the fish parcels on the baking sheet. Cook for 10 minutes and the serve each parcel directly to your guests.

This hake en papilotte recipe comes from Give them a visit for more great fishy recipes.