This is a very quick and simple Thai tiger prawn recipe it will be ideal for a dinner party starter or as a fresh lighter meal. The lovely aromatic ingredients in the sauce make for a really authentic Thai dish.

Tiger Prawn Recipe Ingredients

10 Tiger prawns from Walter Purkis & Sons
3 kaffir lime leaves
1 stalk lemongrass
Small piece of fresh ginger
A few coriander stalks
Some fresh mint leaves
1 banana shallot (halved and thinly sliced)
1 tsp tamarind paste
35ml fish sauce (Nam Plas)
150g palm sugar (or light brown)

Cooking Method for Tiger Prawn Recipe

Heat the palm sugar gently in a pan ( or a wok) adding only enough water to form a thick syrup.

To the syrup add the kaffir lime leaves, shallots that have been finely chopped, lemongrass that has been crushed to release more of the flavour, fresh ginger grated  and the coriander.

Simmer gently for a few minutes which will allow the flavours to expand and infuse. Next add the tamarind and fish sauce, continue to cook for another two minutes then strain and allow your tasty Thai sauce to cool.

Bring a little peanut oil to a high heat in you frying pan or wok then tip in the peeled tiger prawns cooking them quickly. They will be done in moments so be ready with the salad.

To serve, prepare a salad of baby spinach, coriander, mint, sliced chilli, sliced shallot seasoned with lime juice. Scatter over the tiger prawns and then spoon over the prepared Thai sauce.

This tiger prawn recipe come from the Fish is the Dish website where you can find this and lots of other fishy recipes.