We are now stocking some tasty sauces from the Wolfs Kitchen founded by local Crouch End resident Dominique Wolf. These sweet, tangy and spicy condiments will make a delicious plate of food paired up with our fresh fish and seafoods. We have a lovely sizzling prawn serving suggestion below.

Choose your tasty sauces:

Tamarind Ketchup 

Based on Dominique Wolf’s Thai Aunties recipe, this rather addictive sauce is a great all round condiment. Pour on grilled salmon or barbecued fish, drizzle on noodles and stir-fries, dollop on sausages, or smear on burgers.

Sweet & tangy with a hint of roasted chilli
Heat rating 1: Nice Woolf (mild)

Hot + Sour 

This Hot + Sour sauce is endlessly versatile. Perfect as a dipping sauce for prawns, salt & pepper squid, summer rolls and sweetcorn fritters. Or try drizzled over stir-fried rice and noodles, halloumi or veggie kebabs.

Fresh, sweet & spicy with a lime and garlic kick
Heat level 2:  Crazy Woolf (medium hot)

Jalapeño + Lime 

This spicy, zingy sauce is packed full of flavour. Perfect with anything Mexican (think fish tacos, burritos, chilli, chips and dips, guac) but also great drizzled over falafel wraps, prawns or smashed avo and poached eggs.

Feisty and fruity with a chilli hit
Heat level 3:  Fierce Woolf

Sizzling Prawn With The Woolf’s Kitchen Hot + Sour Sauce

This Hot + Sour sauce is a fresh, spicy, sweet number that works brilliantly with seafood, especially prawns. For an awesome starter, just fry up some prawns maybe with a little chopped garlic and dip in the Hot + Sour. It really is that simple.

For something more substantial, add to the prawns some rice noodles, shredded veg (carrots, sugar snap peas and red pepper work well) plus some chopped salted peanuts. Slather it in the tasty sauce and mix. Delicious.


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