This recipe for stuffed lemon sole features delicious smoked salmon and spinach served with bacon gnocchi in a creamy sauce.

About “Lemon Sole”

Lemon Sole (Microstomus kitt) is a flatfish but part of the flounder family. There are several schools of thought as to the true origins of this name.  Lemon sole is definitely a misnomer since this fish is not part of the sole family and it does not taste of lemon! Take your pick from the selection below.

The name “sole” was given to this shape of fish in Roman times and is thought to come from the fish being the same shape as a sandal,  solea being the Latin word for sandal (A Dover sole’s scientific name is Solea solea).

The “Lemon” portion of the name  may well comes from a corruption of the French “limande” or “sole limande”. This term “limande” is thought to come from the French word “lime” which means “file”  as a reference to the rough abrasive texture of the fish’s skin. Historically different types of fish skins have been used in the same way as sandpaper is today.

Alternatively others believe that Lemon sole is named because its shape being quite similar to that of a lemon also it has a lighter yellowy golden colour compared to a Dover sole.

Preparation time for this recipe will be about 5 minutes and a further 15 minutes cooking time. Ingredients listed below will serves four.

Ingredients for Stuffed Lemon Sole

4 fillets of sole from Walter Purkis & Sons
400 grams gnocchi
200 grams smoked salmon from Walter Purkis & Sons
3 tablespoons double cream
4 rashers of bacon
4 handfuls of spinach wilted in boiling water
Olive oil

Cooking Method For Stuffed Lemon Sole

Take each of the lemon sole fillets and lay flat on a chopping board then place a layer of the wilted spinach to cover the fish before finally placing a thin layer of smoked salmon on top of the spinach. Then gently roll the fillet onto itself (this is called a Paupiette). If it starts to unwind you can hold it together with a cocktail stick.

Heat some water in a saucepan and bring to the boil and then add in your gnocchi to cook for 5 mins, drain and place in a bowl to the side. Retain the cooking liquid.

Place the rolled up fish Paupiettes in the reserved liquid and gently poach for about 5 minutes.

Heat some oil in a wok or a frying pan and the diced pieces of bacon and cook for 1 minute, then add the gnocchi, now add the cream and bring through the boil. If you have any extra smoked salmon you can also add this to the creamy mixture.

Serve your fish in the middle of a plate and drizzle the gnocchi and bacon sauce around the fish to wow your guests. Serve right away.