Try this recipe for seared Sea Bass with seasonal vegetables and an Asian feel with the addition of some dark soy sauce in the vegetable glaze.

About Sea Bass

Sea Bass is a fish that has grown significantly in popularity over recent years both with chefs and home cooks enjoying this good looking sweet tasting fish. Its excellent flavour and firm flesh means that it requires only simple cooking to make a great meal. They are available all year round either as wild catch or from farmed sources – you can always check our labels in the shop to see where our fish has been sourced. Whole sea bass have sharp spiky fins and robust scales which we can remove for you in the shop or as required for this recipe we can fillet them.

Preparation time for this dish will  be about 5 minutes and allow 10-12 minutes cooking time. The quantities below are for two people.

Ingredients For Seared Sea Bass

2 sea bass fillets from Walter Purkis & Sons
150g asparagus
20g wild garlic
200ml dark soy sauce
1 lemon
100g butter
50ml vegetable oil

Cooking Method For Seared Sea Bass

Heat half the vegetable oil in a large wok or frying pan, slice the asparagus length ways and add to the pan, stir-fry for 2-3 minutes until the asparagus is a vivid green colour, add the butter, finely chopped wild garlic, and soy sauce and allow to cook down for a further 3-4 minutes, basting occasionally.

Heat a separate frying pan with the remaining half of the vegetable oil and cook the sea bass fillets skin side down for 4 minutes, turn once and cook for 30 seconds. The skin should be golden brown and crispy.

To serve, placed a large spoonful of the glazed asparagus in the middle of a hot serving plate top with the sea bass fillets and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Eat while still hot.

This Seared Sea Bass recipe come from Fish is the Dish website where you can find this and lots of other fishy recipes.