Scottish wild salmon is now in season. With its delicate, sweet flesh, salmon is one of the most popular fish available. Wild salmon, particularly that from Scotland  is considered the very best. Wild salmon contrasted to the farmed options is often compared to the difference between fine wine and a bargin bottle. It definitely has a richer, more superior, complex flavour.

About wild salmon

Salmon is a sea-going fish, but starts its life in freshwater rivers. Atlantic salmon has a deep-orange flaky oil-rich texture and is easily recognizable due to its large-scaled, silver skin with black speckles on the back.  Wild salmon,  is one of the healthiest foods, rich in vital omega-3 fatty acid content, high in protein and full of many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Wild salmon from Armadale Salmon Fishing

Our salmon comes from Armadale Salmon Fishing a family firm based in Bettyhill, a small village on the north coast of Scotland.  The company is now entering it’s third generation of the family. The team consists of family and local crew.

They use traditional fishing techniques which ensure the fish can swim around within the net until they are caught. This approach guarantees the fish do not end up with net marks, bruising or scaling – looking pristine on your plate. The salmon from Armadale Salmon Fishing is given a traceability tag recognisable, with a blue saltire, telephone number and website address which allow customers to know a little more about where the product originates with added re-assurance that you are buying salmon which have been caught legally.