Prawns and broccoli is a great Chinese style stir-fry recipe. Plenty of healthy ingredients here that are quick to prepare and cook. This delicious dish will make a attractive alternative to local delivery options.

Preparation time will be about 10 minutes, allow 10 minutes cooking time. Quantities below will serve two people.

Ingredients For Prawns And Broccoli Stir Fry

300g Raw Prawns From Walter Purkis & Sons (150g per person)
200g Broccoli chopped into small florets
100g Carrots sliced into thin sticks
Cooking oil
2 Garlic cloves finely chopped
Sesame seeds for garnish

Sauce Ingredients

1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 teaspoon corn starch
125ml cold water
Pepper for seasoning

Cooking Method For Prawns And Broccoli Stir Fry

If using frozen prawns remove from the freezer well in advance and allow to defrost before starting. Pat dry with a paper towel before cooking.

First cook your prepared vegetables boil or steam until they are just cooked and “al dente”. Remove from the pan right away and place in cold or iced water. This will stop any further cooking, keeping the texture and maintaining bright colours.

Next bring all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl. Whisk well so that there are no lumps from the corn starch. Put to one side.

Using a heavy based pan with high sides or even better a wok place on a high heat and add cooking oil, when hot fry the chopped garlic. Do not over cook. As soon as it starts to colour add the prawns. Stir to make sure the heat reaches all parts of the prawns. As soon as they are pink all over they are done this will only take a few stirs. Turn down the heat.

Now time to add the sauce mix. Stir quickly then add to the pan along with the cooked vegetables. Keep stirring all the ingredients until the sauce is cooked and thickened. This will only take a couple of minutes.

Prawns and broccoli will go well with with some rice or noodles – so you need prepare them at the same time. Sprinkle with some sesame seeds, serve right away.

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