Oysters are back in our shops. Its the start of a new oyster season and the first boxes of these most sought after shellfish are ready and waiting

Carlingford Oysters

We source from the award winning Carlingford Oyster Company  They are a family business working in the heart of the famous Carlingford Lough in Ireland where oysters have thrived for many centuries. The award winning unique sweet taste and high meat content of the Carlingford Oyster is a real natural treat. They are rich in protein and low in fat with exceptionally high levels of trace elements such as iodine, iron, selenium copper and zinc; all of which delivers a superb flavour.

Its is the flow of Carlingford Lough’s grade-A waters that helps shape each oyster into a perfect tear-drop shape with a very strong shell and a smooth pearly white enamel. There is a large exchange of water with each tide which provides the plentiful supply of nutrients on which the oysters feed. In conjunction with the tidal elements there is freshwater flowing in from the mountain sides north and south of the Lough.

What Is The R In the Month Rule For The Oyster Season

The R in September means one thing to shellfish lovers: the start of the native oyster season. The  “R” rule dates back to the days before refrigeration when oysters could spoil quickly.  However from April to September oysters tend to be off the menu as they are spawning and do not make good eating. Spawning causes them to become soft, watery, and reduced flavour. Now they are back in season, ready to harvest and back on our counter.

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