What could be better for a luxurious romantic treat with your partner than a Lobster for Valentines Day? Walter Purkis has always made a speciality of sourcing the very best shellfish available.

Freshest Lobster For Valentines Day

The fresher the lobster the better it will taste. We can offer our customers the freshest lobsters and in the very best condition. In our Muswell Hill shop we have a “Homarium”. This is a specialist tank that keeps live lobsters in ideal conditions.

We source our live lobsters from around the UK. Coldwater lobsters from our more northern seas are considered to be the finest quality. A large lobster will look very impressive but generally the smaller the lobster, the more tender it will be.

You will see in our tank that before cooking the lobster shell is a dark colour, with a blue green hue – it acquires the classic red-orange colour after cooking.

You can select you own or take your pick from the selection of our freshly boiled Lobsters which ever you choose  they are always delicious.

Cooking A Lobster For Valentines Day

You can choose your lobster in the shop from the tank and we will cook it for you and you can take it away ready to eat (we can crack the shells for you as well). Alternatively choose your live lobster and take it home.

As with many fine foods lobsters are at their best when simply cooked . Their characteristic sweet flesh  will be delicious halved and under the grill or cooked by boiling or steaming. You need to add little other than melted butter, lemon juice and mayonnaise. You can find out more on cooking your own lobster in our handy guide here >>

The perfect starter to go with your lobster and a traditional romantic valentines day treat could be some oysters. See more about our oysters here >>