Try this easy baked halibut recipe. Very easy to prepare and only needs a short spell in the oven for a delicious meal. You can buy smaller individual steaks or share a larger on between more diners.

About Halibut

Halibut is the largest of all the flat fish by some considerable margin. Some prize Halibut landed have been recorded at lengths of more than four metres! So a real sea monster. We tend to have somewhat smaller specimens on our counters.  Halibut is available mostly in steaks, fillets or cutlets. It has a firm white flesh with a delicious flavour however it requires careful cooking because it can dry out quite readily. So follow the recipe below for a great result.

 Ingredients for Baked Halibut

2 Halibut steaks or one larger one from Walter Purkis and Sons – allow about 300g per person
Plain flour for dusting the steaks
6 sage leaves
100g Butter
Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Cooking Method for Baked Halibut

Pre-heat your oven to its highest temperature. Put your cooking dish in for a few minutes to get hot (Working with a hot dish speeds up the cooking and helps keep the fish moist by shortening the cooking time).

Put flour and plenty of coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper into a suitable flat dish ready to coat your halibut steaks.

Take out your hot dish (use one that will hold the steaks snugly) put in half the butter and the sage leaves. Once the butter has melted, place in you floured halibut steaks and return to the oven.

Cooking time will vary according to the size and thickness of the halibut steaks. A thick steak will be done in ten minutes. A large on will need nearly double that. Check after 5 minutes and turn the steaks over making sure they are well covered in the butter. You can tell if the fish is cooked when the colour changes from translucent to milky white. The flesh becomes firm and flakey. If the bones have pulled away from the meat it is definitely fully done. Err on the side of caution as the fish will still continue to cook once removed and on a hot serving dish.

When done place steaks onto a hot serving dish. Put the remaining butter into the hot cooking pan allow it to melt then pour over the steaks along with the sage leaves.

Serving Suggestions

Simple is often the best way with such a tasty fish dish so try a few boiled potatoes and some spinach