Free Range Christmas Goose

Roast Christmas Goose with all the trimmings is one of the most traditional of festive meals. (It is only in the last century that Turkey has become so popular). Wonderful flavour, succulent meat, crispy skin makes a great choice plus all the Goose Fat that will keep you in amazing roast potatoes for several months!

we source our birds from Appledore Geese – where Christmas Geese of the highest quality and taste are produced in the traditional way. Appledore Geese is family-run business with a farming heritage that dates back to 1940 when Grandfather Frank Wreathall first started rearing turkeys. Today Clive and Andrew Wreathall farm over 1,200 hectares of Crown Estate farmland on the Romney Marsh in Kent and are passionate about the food they produce. With eighty years of experience in rearing Christmas turkeys behind them they are now raising geese to the same high standards.

As an alternative to Christmas turkey ,  roast Christmas goose is a classic choice – free-range and oozing with flavour – is very hard to resist.

Free Range Geese For Christmas

Foraging for berries in the hedgerows and orchards helps these birds develop a natural and distinctive flavour that makes Appledore Geese an ideal choice for the festive season. Reared with the greatest care for welfare and the environment, the birds are housed in buildings giving both natural light and ventilation, with the free range geese roaming grassy paddocks during the day. At night all the birds are bedded down on the farm’s home-grown wheat straw.

After reaching full maturity the birds are slaughtered on the farm, avoiding the stress to the birds of long distance transportation. They are then dry plucked and hung for at least seven days. This allows them to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this traditional method of production.

All Appledore Geese are wrapped in greaseproof paper and presented in a carry-home box, along with, vacuum-packed giblets

You can see more about the farm here >>

Getting The Right Sized Christmas Goose

A free range Christmas Goose is a great choice as it will feed feed a large number of friends and family (and more as delicious cold cuts the next day).

Here is an approximate guide to how many people a goose will feed. Don’t forget it will vary depending on how generous your portions are and the appetite of your guests

4 kg will feed 4-5 people

4.5 kg will feed 4-6 people

5 kg will feed 5-6 people

5.5 kg will feed 6-7 people

6 kg will feed 8-9 people

A Goose is a large bird, so it worth checking your oven size and add to the check list – a large enough roasting dish.

2023 Christmas Goose orders for Muswell Hill and Crouch End

Don’t miss out: All Christmas goose orders need to made in one of our shops.

  • Free range geese – available in weights between 4kg to 6kg.

All  Christmas goose orders need to made in one of our shops.