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Salmon And Crab Salad Recipe

This recipe is for a really tasty salmon and crab salad that is packed with spring freshness. The delicate sweetness of the crab meat and the richer flavours of the poached salmon work really well together.

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Sometimes it is the simple things that taste best and are hard to improve on. A smoked salmon bagel is one of those things. Three basic elements are needed,  smoked salmon, soft cream cheese and the bagel coming together in perfect harmony. Smoked Salmon From Walter Purkis & Sons Much of the smoked fish sold through the shops [...]

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How To Make Sushi Salmon Avocado Uramaki

This sushi salmon avocado uramaki recipe is the latest in our series of tips for making great Sushi at home. As is often the case with fish it is the simplest preparation that delivers some of the best flavours and textures. Its not just the fish did you also know that the Japanese judge the quality [...]

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