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Crab Noodle Salad with Black Sesame Seed Dressing

This crab noodle salad is a very easy recipe to make that will produce a delicious, good looking dish. Lovely fresh flavours that work really well together with the sweet crab

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Salmon And Crab Salad Recipe

This recipe is for a really tasty salmon and crab salad that is packed with spring freshness. The delicate sweetness of the crab meat and the richer flavours of the poached salmon work really well together.

Crab And Avocado Tostada

This recipe for a Crab And Avocado Tostada is delicious. The sweetnesss of the shellfish works really well with the creaminess of a ripe avocado. Combining them on  tortillas with some chilli gives a spicy Mexican twist. This recipe is quick and easy to prepare allow ten minutes for preparation and only one minute for cooking. [...]

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Maryland Crab Cakes

Crabs are generally in season from April until November so now is a great time to eating these tasty crab cakes. We have a traditional american recipe here, where crab cakes are very often associated with Maryland, Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay area. With a plentiful supply of crabs in the bay variations of this recipe [...]

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Crab Melts Recipe

Try this crab melts recipe, very easy to make and extremely tasty to eat. We have the freshest crab in the shop whole or dressed and ready to eat. About Crabs The most commonly eaten crab in the UK is the common edible or brown crab they can weighs up to 3kg. They contain plenty [...]

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