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Smoked Mackerel Fishcakes

These smoked mackerel fishcakes are very tasty and easy to prepare. Smoked Mackerel From Crouch End The smoked Mackerel you will see in our shops  comes from our own century old smoke house which is at the rear of the Crouch End Shop. Our smoked mackerel is a truly local food product. Our fish smoking is done with traditional skills [...]

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Maryland Crab Cakes

Crabs are generally in season from April until November so now is a great time to eating these tasty crab cakes. We have a traditional american recipe here, where crab cakes are very often associated with Maryland, Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay area. With a plentiful supply of crabs in the bay variations of this recipe [...]

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Thai Crab Cakes

Try this tasty recipe for Thai Crab Cakes. Quick to cook,  easy to prepare and very tasty to eat. We have fresh crabs in the shop either whole or dressed that will be just right for this. The most commonly eaten crab in the UK is the common edible or brown crab they can weighs [...]

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