Best Shellfish

Walter Purkis has always made a specialty of sourcing the best shellfish available and to that end both shops have day supplies coming in from Billingsgate Market, Cornwall, Devon, Grimsby, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and many other fishing ports around Great Britain. Look out for our  freshly boiled lobsters and crabs

There is also a twice weekly delivery from Europe with some of the more exotic shellfish.

Typical Shellfish Selection

Best Greenland Prawns (in shell)
Peeled Greenland Prawns (in a mild brine)
Squat Lobster Tails (Cray Fish)
Prawns in pastry
Fresh Cray Fish
Fresh Mediteranien Prawns (uncooked)
Fresh Raw Tiger Prawns
Mediteranien Prawns whole or peeled (Frozen)
Uncooked Tiger Prawns whole or peeled (Frozen)
Fresh Langustines (raw or cooked)
Brown Shrimps
Live Mussels
Cooked Mussels
Live Clams
King Scallops (fresh or frozen)
Queen Scallops (fresh or frozen)
Crabs (live or boiled)
Dressed Crab
Crab Meat (white)
Lobsters (live or boiled)
Crab Flavoured Ocean Sticks
Jellied Eels
New Zealend Mussels
Seafood Salad (in oil )

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