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BBQ Hake Cooking Tips

When the sun is out its time to light up your grill and celebrate the good weather with barbecue. To often first thoughts are the same old bangers and burgers. This BBQ hake recipe is very tasty and far more interesting than the usual suspects. About Hake Hake are deep-sea members of the cod family, they are white [...]

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Plaice Recipe With Lemon And Tomato

This Plaice recipe with lemon and tomato makes for a tasty dish with its fresh flavours that are perfect for warmer weather. About Plaice Plaice has a fine, moist texture, bright white colour and a subtle but distinctive sweet flavour. Plaice is one of the most popular flat fish in the UK and also around Europe. From [...]

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Mackerel Panini With Feta

There are ordinary sandwiches and then there are those that put a smile on your face - those are the grilled ones.  The smokey flakes of the fish and the sharpness of the feta make a great combo in this Mackerel panini recipe put it firmly in the later category. Panini is an Italian word which is [...]

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Crab Linguine Recipe

Crab linguine is a deceptively simple pasta dish with a delicious sauce that has the classic pairing of the crab flavours with some chilli zing and aniseed sweetness of the tarragon. Brown Crab Season The native Brown Crab season  (April - November) is now well underway with plenty of tasty crabs on our counter. For this recipe you can [...]

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Cod And Prawn Tagine Recipe

This is a delicious lightly spiced cod and prawn tagine. Unlike the meaty version this tagine  cooks very quickly and ready to eat in thirty minutes. The lemon and olives add a lively tang to the sauce. The preparation time will be about 15 minutes allow a further half hour for the cooking. Ingredients below will serve four [...]

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Gremolata Crusted Halibut

This recipe for gremolata  crusted halibut is delicious but is the stunning colour of the beetroot risotto that will catch your eye. Preparation time will be about 10 minutes and cooking time 15 minutes. The quantities below are to feed two people. Ingredients For Gremolata Crusted Halibut 2  halibut fillets 1tbsp olive oil Mixed sald leaves, [...]

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Fish Finger Sandwich

This recipe takes the humble fish finger sandwich and elevates it to a gourmet treat. A selection of different fish, crispy panko breadcrumbs and a homemade tartare sauce will make this dish a firm favourite. Preparation time will be about 15 minutes allow a futher 5 minutes for the cooking. Quantities below are to serve four. [...]

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Walter Purkis On Masterchef 2017

Walter Purkis and Sons have been delighted to have had several customers who have been Masterchef contestants, including Emma Spitzer who was a finalist in 2015. (We were delighted to be mentioned in her latest book Fress and excited to be sharing some recipes from it on our blog) MasterChef 2017 This year we have [...]

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Sea Bass Recipe

Our customer Emma Spitzer is not only a Masterchef finalist but she has just published a new cookbook. It has lots of tasty fish dishes including this sea bass recipe (and we were delighted to get a mention as well!). Since reaching the final three on MasterChef, Emma has been in high [...]

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